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Regardless of company size, finding a Salesforce expert is becoming increasingly more difficult: with the demand for experienced Salesforce administrators and developers still far greater than the supply, salaries for a full-time employee have been on a steep rise over the past several years. This problem becomes exponentially worse if the organization is smaller as larger firms offer bigger salaries, and consulting companies are constantly paying top dollar for those with technical experience.

And historically, hiring a freelancer/contractor has also been difficult: if you don’t know precisely what you need, how do you know the person you’re speaking with has the skills you need? They may have good reviews on other generic sites, but there is no guidance in what to look for, specific to your Salesforce needs when posting a job. At best there’s a tag that says “Salesforce CRM”.

So the common methods of getting your Salesforce expert are becoming less viable, and the alternatives are too vague and/or risky. Until now.

Hire Fast: Your Next Salesforce Expert

Ohanaly is about connecting organizations with qualified Salesforce individuals, on your terms. Our platform and hiring specialists are there to guide you by helping in your job posting: offering you specific Salesforce options to choose from to find the right expert for your need. In addition, we’re here to help set expectations between you and freelancers to make sure this is not only a good match at a technical level, but also on bandwidth/availability and other important factors in any working relationship. Think of us as the filter for the type of expertly qualified labor you need to make your company thrive.

Hire Secure: Vetted Salesforce Experts

All independent consultants on our platform go through a vetting process to validate the information that they submit on our platform. We apply over 12 years of Salesforce Consulting experience to properly assess a candidates technical knowledge to validate their personal profiles. From niche experts to a basic Salesforce administrator helping hand, we’ll help make sure that the folks on our platform are who they say they are.

Staff Augmentation for Salesforce Implementation Partners

At times, scaling is tough. Saying “yes” to a project may often mean having to find solutions for a team that’s already close to maximum capacity, or not having an expert on hand for a particular set of project requirements. Large consulting firms have their own “bench” of experts: full-time salaried employees that they pay to sit and wait for the projects to show up (reducing that risk of losing a deal because they cannot ramp up fast enough).

But smaller firms may not be able to afford the same bench and the salaries for idle workers while the sales team is hard at work. If that’s you, contact us today to see how we help other Salesforce partners staff their projects to be able to ramp up with independent Salesforce consultants on an on-demand basis

Comparing Freelancers vs a Full Time Hire? Take our Challenge today.

You’re trying to hire someone full-time? If so, you’ve possibly made it here because it’s taking you too long to find that special someone. Salary expectations are too high, not enough applicants wanting to leave their current positions, or you’re perhaps struggling for any other reason.

Then we challenge you: Start your Job Posting today with us, and keep your current job listing for your FTE. Two likely scenarios will occur: you’ll find a freelancer quickly, get started with immediate Salesforce needs you may have. Then you’ll either a) find the right hire for your organization, and use the freelancer to transfer any knowledge he/she gained while helping with immediate tasks (expediting the process of getting your new hire ramped up), or b) you’ll realize that the freelancer can do all the work that you need that continue to pursue a full-time hire is now more, if not completely, irrelevant.

Try it for free today. We double dare you.

No Job Fees today. No Job Fees tomorrow either.

That’s right. There are no fees from Ohanaly to our customers. It’s free to post your job, it’s free to hire your freelancer. Our business model revolves around a service fee agreed with the Salesforce freelancer, based on the billing that’s conducted.

The Ohanaly platform securely stores and tokenizes all of your payment information, therefore no payment information is ever kept on the database once the initial authorization is run. This is all thanks to our partners at Chargent, who focus on payment processing solutions that are encrypted and safe, trusted by Salesforce clients worldwide (like ourselves).

We also enable customers to easily receive reports and breakdowns, keeping freelancers’ billable hours focused on doing actual work for you, instead of running around doing administrative tasks like putting their own billable reports and documents together.

The Landscape has Shifted: The Rise of the On-Demand Salesforce Administrator/Developer.

Until recently, the most common options were either hire a Salesforce Administrator full-time, or hire a full consulting firm through Managed Services.

The challenge in recent years is that salaries have increased dramatically due to demand. A 2021 survey by Salesforce Ben shows that in the United States, a Salesforce Administrator will make between $97,000 - $122,000 dollars a year. Similarly, consulting companies are charging hourly rates well north of $200/hr and requiring a large number of hours with their managed services packages.

This puts smaller organizations in a serious bind: they may not be able to financially justify a full-time administrator (either because of cost or because there's not enough work to justify a full-time hire), and managed services programs are too expensive to sustain as they require long term commitments. Salesforce serves as a solution to one of the biggest challenges for a freelancer – balancing client relationships, while meeting a business’ expectations.  

A Solution for Everyone

The job trend in the Salesforce ecosystem is on course to continue it's fast-paced growth for 2022. Research from the IDC back in 2019 found that the job market in the ecosystem will grow by 4.2 million new jobs between 2019 and 2024 (a pre-pandemic research). Throughout the past two years, the rise of work-from-home employees have led many to revise their priorities when looking for work. In a research conducted by Ohanaly over it's network of freelancers and independent consultants, 35% of respondents mentioned that the ability of deciding when they work has become a new top priority, while another 35% mentioned that the ability of deciding where they can work from is their new top priority.


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Oh, and our platform is (to date) the only one built 100% natively on Salesforce. (We like to practice what we preach)

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