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Perhaps you’re already working a full-time job in the Salesforce Ohana, and you’re looking to make a few extra bucks by freelancing a bit. You are already pretty busy, so a hassle-free way to freelance is just the ticket. You can be more focused on the Salesforce work and less so on worrying about contracts, proposals, invoices, collecting payments, etc… allowing you to explore quite a bit more during your freelancing experience and helping small companies get to the next level.

Ohanaly is a good fit for you!


You may have already been in the freelancing game for a while, traded your full-time 9-to-5 for Salesforce freelancing, and you have enough clients to keep you going. You’re either managing everything by yourself and looking to deal less with administrative tasks and focus on Salesforce, or you’re on a freelancing platform that may be charging too much or lacks a Salesforce Ohana community with subject matter experts that can help you solve any challenge that comes your way.

Ohanaly is a good fit for you!

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The Ohanaly portal gives you the opportunity to do everything you need to during prospecting. Generate NDAs on the fly? No problem. Need a BA to go with that? No problem. Need to build your proposal and send it all for electronic signature? We got you!

Give up your Word templates and writing out one-by-one lengthy proposals today!

Build it.

The Ohanaly portal allows you can manage your multiple projects from one place. Easily navigate through different customer projects, and manage your hours in one easy step.

With an integration with Toggl, you can bill your time easily and efficiently. All of the time is brought back via API to the portal so we can then…

Bill it.

That’s right. We summarize all hours for all projects every week and bill your customers accordingly. You get a deposit of the balance straight to your bank account. Tax and services fees are calculated automatically, and at the end of the year, we provide everything you need for your taxes. Easy peasy!

* Some features may still be under development for upcoming releases.

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$49/month + 9% of Billable Hours

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