3 Ways to Get Your First Salesforce Freelancing Job

3 Ways to Get Your First Salesforce Freelancing Job

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March 17, 2021

So you’ve been curious to start Salesforce Freelancing, but don’t know how.

Well there are several ways to get started into Salesforce Freelancing. In the video above, I go through three different ways (with a small bonus somewhere in there). I’m sure there are several more that didn’t come to mind, but I wanted to pick these three in particular because it covers three different methods:

  • One original method
  • One of the easiest methods
  • One of the best methods

The Original Method

If you’re reading this instead of watching the video, then the original method is how I myself have started, and how many others in the Salesforce ecosystem get their start: by working tirelessly in the community (LinkedIn, Success Community, etc…) to help others with their questions. I myself back in 2012 was helping people in the success community way before there was any Trailhead. For me it was an opportunity to try to replicate their problems and improve my Salesforce administrator skills by solving it for them and sharing the solution I got to.

After several months doing so, I started getting approached by people who I had helped who were asking if I would be willing to do some freelancing work for them. If you were able to fix something for them, they would already be inclined to give you a chance with other items as well.

The Easiest Method

Everyone wants the easy way, right? Well there is one. But beware: this one won’t make you rich, but it’ll get you started. And the trick is this: consider building a freelancing relationship with companies you may have worked for in the past that use Salesforce. You know the business processes, you know the people, and you may even know their Salesforce org very well. It is usually the easiest way to get started, just ask Warren Walters here at forceAnywhere about his time at Ryder.

And if you’re considering making the switch to full-time consulting, there are tips covered in the video where you can turn your departure into a decent revenue stream for you to hold you off while you look for other freelancing opportunities. Never burn your bridges if possible, and you’ll find that you can keep going back to past employers for an easy way to make a few extra bucks as a Salesforce freelancer.

The Best Method

Spoiler alert: it’s forceAnywhere! Of course it is, and of course I’m biased. But let me tell you why: being part of our network helps you get access to other Salesforce freelancers, partners and account executives who are constantly looking for people to partner up with. A freelancer acting as an architect/consultant might need an administrator to help with a large implementation with their clients (imagine the experience you gain just from shadowing them in projects). Another would be consulting partners (like fullOpp) that need to ramp up resources in a hurry because of the number of projects they’ve closed. Finally, and this is would be for full-time freelancers: if you demonstrate you know how to assist during a pre-sales process, we’d be willing to put you in touch with our network of Salesforce Account Executives, who can bring you on the deals to help customers purchase Salesforce.

And ask any consulting partner: one of the best ways to build your brand is to partner up with Account Executives. Demonstrate that you can bring value to the sales process by being a technical resource they can leverage and help answer questions to customers, and you’ll more than likely be recommended by them to the customer for the implementation.

But that last option is definitely a “who you know” situation. But if you’re in our network, and you demonstrate you know your pre-sales steps, we’ll vouch for you.


So there you are: three methods (out of many) to help you get your first jobs as a freelancer. Hopefully we can use this to clear the fog and help you better consider becoming a freelancer. Feel free to contact us if there’s anything we can help.

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