The joy of working remotely

The joy of working remotely

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March 24, 2021

The joy of working remotely

Mar 24 Written By Erick Mahle

There’s no secret that one of the big perks of working remotely is the ability that you may gain to work from anywhere with a good internet connection. And in today’s world, that makes your potential destination for a workspace endless. See below:

Salesforce Freelancing while Remote

With my family entirely back in Brazil and my wife’s family entirely in Italy, the 10 years I’ve spent in the Salesforce Ecosystem have been filled with travelling and working remotely. Brazil, Italy, Spain, Colombia, the Bahamas are just some of the examples of places where I was able to set up my basic workstation and get some work done.

Many video conferences with clients later, any fear I had of losing a client because of my travels (fear of not being in the same time zone, can’t show up to a meeting in the office if needed, etc) was well behind me. It just seemed that as the years go by, once you have a basic working relationship established, so long as you continue to set clear expectations, be available to communicate within a reasonable time frame and deliver when promised, the physical location you find yourself in seems to not matter as much.

Not a bad office viewMade it to Italy for six months when my daughter was born. Our families couldn’t come to the United States, so we went to them. My wife and I worked remotely from Italy for six months in 2020 and it was a fantastically unique experience.

But do make sure to plan ahead and carefully ensure you have good internet connection. And depending on the country, have a backup plan (hotspot, etc). With that said, you can do the same as well. There are many out there that get to enjoy more time with their families, flexibility to travel, etc… by becoming a freelancer yourself.

I’ll be honest, in 10 years consulting/freelancing, there were times where I’ve considered going back to a regular full-time job. But one of the largest things I struggled to let go, and one of the reasons why I’ve kept going this long, is the ability to be close to my family and travel the world.

But don’t try to freelance from Cuba. There’s just no decent internet there and I’m pretty sure that Salesforce’s website is somehow blocked/censored like Google and other sites.

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