Whatever your Salesforce expertise, there’s someone out there with a need for your skill set.

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Salesforce Administrator

Hourly rates for a Salesforce Administrator can vary between $50/hr to $80/hr. This is very realistic if you have some basic to intermediate experience as an administrator. So let’s think about this, if you work 30 hours a week on average between all of your projects, that’s between $69,000 and $112,000 per year!

Salesforce Consultant

If you have the experience and ability to be a Salesforce Consultant, and help make recommendations to implement (or re-implement) Salesforce for customers, then it is not unreasonable to expect $120/hr to $180/hr as a solo consultant. Assuming you work 30 hours per week, that’s between $170,000 and $255,000 per year!

Salesforce Developer

You are an experienced developer. There is no declarative programming challenge that you cannot overcome with code and a Lightning Web Component here and there. Developers in high demand can often match a consultant at $120/hr to $180/hr, if not higher. So that’s also between $170,000 & $255,000 per year!

Those numbers are after service fees. Rounding down!

And the demand is there.

Do you know how many small companies cannot justify the cost of a full-time Salesforce expert on their staff, much less the cost of these consulting firms charging upwards of $200/hr for consulting when all they need is someone they can count on here and there for their basic needs?

There is a tremendous opportunity for freelancers to be able to capture this segment of the market. Freelancers help these companies at a much more reasonable cost, with the flexibility to help as needed or on an hourly basis.

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Is freelancing right for you?

Watch several Salesforce consultants and freelancers with 10+ years in the industry discuss the pros and cons of freelancing, by sharing their experiences and lessons learned. At the end of the day, if it’s right for you, only you can say. But these experts have graciously shared their perspectives to help you decide.

Hint: If you don’t have 20 minutes to watch the entire video, skip straight to 4:07, 7:15, and 12:49 to hear directly from each individual freelancer/consultant.

So what is service fee?

It’s $49 + 9%.

Simple as that. For every hour you bill, 9% goes to the folks that make sure the billing is done on time and that you have access to a platform that allows you to focus on what you do best.

But there’s a monthly fee!

Yes, because access to the portal requires licenses, and licenses cost money. For $99, you have access to the Ohanaly portal (powered by Salesforce Experience, formerly Communities), as well as the necessary licenses for document generation, time tracking, credit card, and ACH transaction billing, electronic signatures, and so forth.

Let’s work some numbers…

Let’s say you are the Salesforce Administrator we described above. You manage several projects, averaging 30hrs/week throughout the year, averaging $50/hr.

That’s $78,000/year billed!

Take out the 9% and that leaves you with $70,980. Once you factor in the monthly dues, that’s $69,792 dollars per year. As a Salesforce Administrator, working 30hrs a week!

…imagine if you were doing $80/hr on average.

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